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Wednesday September 18, 2019  3:30 PM  -  5:00 PM

Emphasizing Federal Compliance Enforcement to Ensure Healthcare Funding in Indian Country

Approximately half of our healthcare funding in Indian Country comes from third party collections. According to federal law, a Compliance Program is required under federal law for all healthcare providers who bill Medicare. Compliance Programs are mandated by the Indian Healthcare Improvement Act as well as the Affordable Care Act. We must demonstrate to the auditors that we have a functioning Compliance Program in place, or all of our third party funds are at risk. The feds are aggressively auditing healthcare compliance in Indian Country. The results have been alarming. Federal enforcement entities believe that healthcare providers in Indian Country are non-compliant, and half of our healthcare funding is at risk. You will learn who is auditing and what they are looking for to demonstrate compliance. You will also learn how exclusion from third party programs will impact your ability to provide healthcare. Every tribal 638 healthcare program is on the OIG’s Work Plan and scheduled for a Compliance Audit. You will learn what this means for your health system and what you must do to survive your upcoming audit.


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Improving Healthcare and Outcomes for Providers Who Serve Native Americans.
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