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Onsite Compliance Consulting


Native American Healthcare Group can work directly with your facility to evaluate the status of your compliance program, find areas where more work is needed, and work together with you to implement a living and vital compliance program.  This is done through direct interaction with your staff.  After your program is brought up to date, we work together to educate the staff on everything they need to know to be compliant.  We customize the program for each facility with whom we work.

Onsite Compliance Education


It is critical to the success of healthcare in Indian Country for our providers to be compliant with federal and state laws, rules, and regulations.  Compliance will not only prevent avoidable financial and criminal penalties, but it will provide measurable improvements in efficiency and productivity for your programs.


Compliance Education is the first step to maintaining vital healthcare funding for the healthcare facilities that serve Indian Country.  Native American Healthcare Group can work directly in your facility to provide vital education to your staff on Healthcare Compliance as well as Compliant Third Party Billing. We can also provide similar education to your Tribal Council or Governing Body.

Strategic Planning


Every healthcare facility needs a strategic plan.  A strategic plan defines an organization’s vision, mission, guiding principles and values, and strategic priorities. The plan describes measurable and time-framed goals and objectives.  An effective strategic plan is self-renewing.  This means that the plan contains ways to keep the plan fresh and effective for the long term needs of your organization.  We can facilitate the planning process by working with your administrative leadership and your governing board to assess where you are now; where you want to go; and the ways that you will get to where you want to be.  We can facilitate this process as a neutral party with fresh perspectives, experience with industry trends, and a quick turnaround.

Onsite Business Consulting


We work with your facility to improve the Revenue Cycle.  Third Party Revenue is one area where your facility can focus on to increase resources available to improve healthcare for your patients.  We cannot count on Congress to increase funding for Native providers in a meaningful way, but we can do many things to increase our own funding through effective and compliant third party billing.

Funding Opportunities


It can be a tremendous challenge to find the funds to implement an effective Compliance Program.  For those who have difficulty in obtaining the necessary funds, we work with a grant writer who has access to numerous grants that can be used to fund a Compliance Program for tribal health organizations.  It might be beneficial for your organization to seek a grant to offset at least part of the cost and be able to preserve funds for healthcare services.

Improving Healthcare and Outcomes for Providers Who Serve Native Americans.
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